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The Best Places to Keep a Tourniquet

1. In Your Car

Most cars come with a small first aid kit in the trunk or glove compartment. Unfortunately, many of these are missing a tourniquet, which is the one piece of equipment that could save your life or limb in a car wreck. First aid kits must include a tourniquet as it is considered essential life-saving gear. We recommend adding one to your current car first aid kit or purchasing one that already consists of a tourniquet. 

2. At Home Medicine Cabinet/Medical Kit

A tourniquet should also be a part of your at-home medicine cabinet or medical kit. Make sure your entire family knows where to locate it and how to use it in case of an emergency. 

3. In Your Garage

Many people work with power tools in their garage. Accidents frequently happen, and it is especially important to have a tourniquet nearby and easily accessible—having to run to your car or back inside wastes precious time in which you don't have in a life-threatening situation.  

4. Work Desk

It is a good idea to keep a tourniquet in your work desk. We have many teachers who keep one easily accessible in their classroom desk in case of an active shooter situation or other emergencies. Regardless of where you work, we highly recommend keeping a tourniquet nearby so you can react to the worst-case scenario.  

5. On Heavy Duty Equipment 

If you have a tractor, snowblower, lawnmower, or other large machinery, we recommend keeping a tourniquet strapped to this equipment. We have heard too many tragic stories of accidents happening when a tourniquet could have saved someone's life or limb but was regrettably not nearby. 

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